[:en]I learned a lot, I only stayed for a week .. too short! The next time I will stay for 2 weeks. Friendly and inspiring teachers, interesting students. I loved/ enjoyed my short holiday in Malta and will definitely come back again to inlingua Malta.[:]

- (English) Elfi Geiger — Germany — November 2016

[:en]I have really enjoyed my inlingua learning experience. My teacher is well prepared, the book is useful and my class mates are really nice. Now I hope I will pass the Cambridge Exam![:]

- (English) Beatrice — Italy — November 2016

My holidays in Malta were very good and Inlingua School was the best part of it. I had a great class with sea view and air condition. So it was really comfortable to study. Special thanks to my teacher Fausto, because he is one of the best English teachers I've ever seen.

- Oleg Volkov — Russia — October 2016

It was really interesting. I want to go back and continue. Very good teacher and not a big school but enough rooms for everyone. Everything was good and well planned! Thank you very much!

- Vladimir Acopov — Moldova — October 2016

It was a fantastic experience, the school is great and Malta was beautiful. My teacher was very, very nice!

- Aurelie Rechsteiner — Switzerland — October 2016